Taking care of our skin

July 24, 2014|Posted in: Skin Care Moisturizer, Skin Care Product

It is important to take care of your personal hygiene and your skin. Having said that, this does not only apply to the females but also applies to the males.
Recently there is a truck driver, Bill McElligott, from Chicago whose face was a staggering 20 years older on one side than on the other. Bill had been driving his milk delivery truck for 28 years, without sun protection. Also with the windows closed or not (UVA, the longer rays responsible skin’s ageing, can penetrate through glass) the damage was done.

This shows that Bill was not paying attention to his skin by not applying sun block lotion. There are a lot of skin care products and skin care moisturizer in the market. All Bill had to do wash to choose a sun block lotion he is comfortable with and apply on his face every day. Which he did not.


It is also important to apply body lotion or moisturiser during dry weather to prevent the skin from cracking. Lip balms are also available for application to the lips in case your lips crack and bleed.
Another point is to bathe everyday to keep germs and bacteria away so that you will not fall sick easily.

Personal care products are aplenty in the supermarket. So please, when you go shopping the next time, spend some time to shop for all the products you will need. Take some time to take care of your personal hygiene and skin. You do not want to leave a bad impression with people you hang out with.