Taking care of your hair

July 25, 2014|Posted in: hair care product, shampoo & conditioner

It is important to take care of your hair. Dry hair can cause brittle hair and split ends. Oily hair can cause your scalp to have acne and even dandruff. Therefore using the correct hair shampoo, hair conditioner and hair care products will play a part in taking good care of your hair.

Most of the hair care products (for the ladies) in the market come in a pair. Hair shampoo and hair conditioner. But some brands go as far as coming out with other hair care products besides the usual hair shampoo and hair conditioner.


Take Sunsilk for an example. Besides the standard hair shampoo and hair conditioner, they have come out with intensive treatment mask. After you have wash your hair with the hair shampoo, wash off and apply the hair conditioner for at least a minute before washing off and applying the intensive treatment mask. Leave the intensive treatment mask for at least 3 minutes before washing off. Sunsilk even come out with apply on leave in conditioner treatment. You will not have to wash this hair conditioner off after applying as the name said it all, leave it in the hair.

There are also a lot of hair vitamins out in the market. The hair vitamins help to promote healthy hair growth, gives you shinny hair and may even help to make your hair grow faster and longer.

Hair tonic and scalp tonic are also available in the market. It serves similar purpose as hair vitamins. The only difference is that hair tonic is applied on while the hair vitamins are to be taken orally.