Shopping at Seroyamart

August 24, 2014|Posted in: Online Groceries, Online Grocery Shopping

Online grocery shopping at not only saves you time and effort, it is also quick and easy to do grocery shopping online in our online grocery store. When you do online grocery shopping with, we guarantee that your groceries will be delivered to your destination within 7 working days.

We provide free shipping if you are staying in the Jabodetabek area with no minimum purchases required. We also have express delivery, which will deliver your groceries within 24 hours of ordering with us.

At, when you do your online grocery shopping with us and encounter some problems or when you have any inquiries, we have an online team that you can enter a live chat with to ask and answer your inquiries. We also have an email that you can email to, at [email protected], about your enquiries. In addition, we have established a customer hotline for customers to call if you are checking when your order will arrive after you have placed your order online. has 5 main categories that cover food products, drink products, personal care products, household care products and lastly baby care products. We cover a wide range of products that you normally can find in the supermarkets and products that you cannot easily find at the major supermarket stores.


So do not hesitate and try online grocery shopping at today. Visit our websites to browse through our wide range of products and check out our weekly promotions.

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