Shopping online for your basic staple food

June 13, 2014|Posted in: Online Groceries, Online Grocery Shopping

Carbohydrates, protein and fats are the three mains that make up a staple diet. It is extremely important that the diet consist of these three main categories. In Indonesia, rice is the main staple food and source of carbohydrate. The people eat rice for their three meals a day and even though Indonesia have their own agriculture and rice farms, it is not enough to feed its own population and the export of rice to other countries is banned. On the other hand, the import of Thai, Vietnam and even Japanese rice are allowed.

So if you are in Indonesia and are doing staple food shopping, please go online for your groceries shopping. This allows you to buy instant meals like cereals, cup noodles, instant soup, bread, jam, biscuits that you can eat without much processing. It also allows you to shop at your own home and comfort without going to the store physically. In addition, if you buy bulky and heavy items like rice to cook, it is even better that you use online groceries shopping services as they will deliver to your doorstep and it will save you the hassle of carrying those heavy items yourselves.

Visit for your daily staple food needs in Indonesia. Shop online and pay by VISA, MasterCard, PayPal and we even do cash on delivery. Just order online and we will deliver your goods within 7 working days to any parts of Indonesia. So shop online now and we will be glad to serve you.

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