Refreshing drinks on a hot weather day

June 11, 2014|Posted in: healthy juice, Refreshing Drinks

When the weather is warm, the body will crave for refreshing drinks. This is due to the fact that, we humans perspire due to hot weather and we need to replenish the fluid lost. So going about choosing the cold refreshment drinks will really gives the consumer a headache. This is because there are so many drinks out there. Hundreds and hundreds of different types of refreshment drinks. Maybe energy drinks like Gatorade, RedBull, 100plus or H2O are advertised as one of the isotonic drink to replenish the body fluid. However, if I am on a diet, I will just choose plain iced water or healthy refreshing fruit juice.

One of my favorite is to ice blend an apple together with a cucumber. This is like a detox drink and is common in the market to blend both items together. One of the things to take note while drinking healthy fruit juice is that, never to juice more than 1 fruit at a time to make the refreshment drinks that your crave. This is because that one refreshing drink will take about 4-5 fruits to make a glass and it will be high in sugar content without the fiber which will make you hungry very fast. This is extremely unhealthy. That is why vegetables are added into the refreshing healthy juice.

Well, if I have no time, then instant fruit juices would be the substitute. Although it may not be fresher than the ones I made with fresh fruits and vegetables, at least it is still healthy.

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