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Panty-O Underwear Brings Convenience to Travelling

November 24, 2014|Posted in: Disposable Underwear, Online Groceries, Online Grocery Shopping, Personal Care Products, Skin Care Product

Ever been in a situation during your travels where you run out of underwear or undergarments? Or even worse, you left them at home. Even if you had remembered them, imagine that you will need to bring worn undergarments throughout your journey while at the same time taking up space in your precious cargo space which could’ve been better used to buy that cute little bag from the street vendor in Thailand. Online Grocery Shopping - PantyO

PantyO disposable underwear makes travelling convenient

The solution to the above would probably be PANTY-O  underwear. PANTY-O underwear is specially designed with soft materials for comfort and stylish enough for you to wear them conveniently during your travels. Once you’re done with them, just toss them away into the bin, creating space for your shopping. PANTY-O comes in a pack of 7 undergarments which is thoughtfully setup for your one-week travel and takes up no more space than a small bottle of shampoo, comparatively. Besides travelling purpose, PANTY-O will also be very handy for hospitalizations, maternity, camping, and other activities which requires you to be away from the comfort of your own home for days on end. There is also a variant for men under the brand TOR.

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