Drink healthy refreshing drink in hot summer

July 23, 2014|Posted in: coffee drinks, healthy juice, Refreshing Drinks

Every day you will need to drink a minimum amount of fluid to stay hydrated. In this hot summer weather, you will wonder what you can drink to keep your mind from going insane.

Drinking a cup of hot coffee under the hot sun? No way.
How about a cup of hot tea? Are you crazy? Are you not hot enough?
Why not choose a cold and refreshing drink instead. Choose some healthy variety of refreshing drinks instead of soda. Soda drinks are made up of mostly sugar.


Or you can try eating some chilled fruits. Eating chilled fruits gives you the crunch and the coldness in the mouth. It is more filling than just drinking the fruit juice, which maybe high in sugar content too since you need more than 1 fruit to make a cup of fruit juice.

The best way to make juices are to make vegetables and fruit juices together. Use a fruit only and the rest are vegetables. This will ensure that the juices will not be too sweet and it gives you other nutrients from vegetables as well.

Other healthy refreshing drinks include energy drinks like Red Bull, Gatorade, 100 plus and H20 etc. When served chilled, it cools down your body and it gives you energy to continue your work throughout the day. Energy drinks serves to give you energy after you drink it. But do not use energy drinks as the main source of fluid intake.

The best drink is still plain water.