Baby food at different stages of their life

July 28, 2014|Posted in: healthy baby food, healthy snacks, organic food

At every stages of life, your baby will need different types of food.

When the baby starts to wean at 6 months, it is normally puree food and fruits. Instant baby food like oatmeal and cereals are ideal for breakfast. Lunch and dinner we may open a can of Gerber or Heinz instant baby food meals for the baby. For healthier choice, they even have organic baby food. But you can also prepare the baby food from scratch if you do not mind the hassle. For baby snacks, normally it will be fruit puree or fruit juice.


Slowly, after the baby has a few teeth, the baby can start to have semi-solid food. Porridge is a good choice for breakfast (with vegetables and meat puree added in). Lunch and dinner may still be canned baby meals or something similar to breakfast. In between meals, the baby may want to snack. So giving the baby teething biscuits or soft fruits like banana is ideal.

Baby food at different stages of their life by Prashant Singhal

When the baby is about one and a half years old, with almost all the teeth grown, they can eat normally like the adult. Just that their baby food and baby snacks needs to be chopped into smaller pieces. So you do not have to cook separately for the baby anymore. One thing to note is we must not use too much oil, sugar and salt in the food so it will be healthier for the baby. Too much salt can harm the baby as their kidneys are immature to cope with the salt.